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Paws n Motion serves the metro Minneapolis and St. Paul areas and surrounding suburbs, performing in-home training for your convenience.

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Dog Training & Behavior Modification in Minneapolis, MN

Dog Training Services

Beagle sitting in front of blackboardWe provide dog training services to teach your dog formal obedience using commands and address specific behavior problems such as barking or jumping up. If you are having dog problems, we can help you establish a line of communication and give you the relationship you’ve always wanted with your dog. We offer private lessons, board and train, and new dog/puppy consultations.
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Success Stories

Husky lying down relaxedSiberian Husky, Blade, learned better behavior and impulse control and can now accompany his family on outdoors adventures like camping and hiking trips off leash! Paws n Motion has been privileged to assist dogs in overcoming behavior problems that were hurting their relationship with their families. We aim to help dog’s and their families live happier lives together. See more dog training success stories!

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About Paws n Motion Dog Training

Paws n Motion is a Minneapolis-based dog training service specializing in solving dog behavior problems, obedience training and building great relationships between people and their dogs. Potty training, separation anxiety, multiple-dog problems, walking politely on leash, listening and coming when called are just some of the things we can help with. We are committed to improving your relationship with your dog and getting great results. Learn more about Paws n Motion.

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Our comprehensive online form is designed to capture all the information we need to provide a comprehensive training recommendation to fit your individual needs. Going through this process will also get you thinking clearly and decisively about how you wish to modify your dog’s behavior, what training tools may be a good fit to help you achieve your goals, and your level of involvement with the training process. Request a free dog training consultation.Request a Free Dog Training Consultation - Paws n Motion

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